Welcome to my webpage and I hope you will find something useful for you as well as get inspired with designs and handmade ideas. I am collecting here all handmade ideas as well as let you sell your handmade things in my shop.

Surprising Gifts is a company with a history that starts back in 1997. We are busy creating handmade things that make our customers happy owners of unique things made with care and love. Each thing we create brings a piece of our soul and care. We tend to make things once and avoid repetitions and this makes our creations 100% individual and their owners have guarantee that nobody else among our customers has same thing, clothes or accessory. We offer customized crocheted clothing and accessory, primitive (interior) dolls, individual gifts for pleasure, fun and just a good compliment. In case of your interest to lean from us and do something on your own, we offer online and offline workshops upon request.We have crochet patterns and books that will help you to develop your crocheting skills available for sale and workshops. *** And YES, we surf the internet for ideas and share with you This doesn’t mean we made all you see. Whatever is our work, we announce that 🙂 Thanks for understanding!

We welcome you to discover our wold of surprises and gifts, handmade one of a type things and clothes that are made with care and soul. You can always be sure we are happy you are visiting us and you can always find something in our shop.

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